DefiantBoyz: Workin It Up 06

Corrupted and then abandoned by his old track buddy, Kyle, Lance hooks up with Shane. Lordy. Guess he's not the sentimental or possessive type. The straight porn and the anticipation have produced a huge tent in Shane's boxers. "I'd like to be in that situation right now," says Shane about whatever is going down on screen off screen. But he finds a way to make the best of the situation he's in: he leans over and uses his tongue stud on Lance. "It's been a while," says Shane, "I thought I would show Lance . . ." "How it's done," Lance completes his new best bud's sentence. Already, Shane is leaking. How are YOU doin'? Something about the leakage prompts Lance to lean over and show Shane what's he's been learning about how it's done. When Shane compliments Lance on his technique, Lance admits that he's only sucked one other cock, adding that his girl friend blows him a lot and he's learned from her. That explains it. Straight boys! Shane, you'll remember, is still learning, too. And still leaking, big time. Shane tells Lance that a few years ago he could blow himself, but regrets that he's not that "limber" any more. Shane rubs his own ass while jerks off, which makes him super hard. Lance, quick study that he is, does an impressive job of swallowing pretty much all that Shane has to offer. Then it's time for Lance to feed Shane again, flexing his tight and muscular butt cheeks. They take turn practicing blow jobs. Then they practice jerking off, side by side. "You guys enjoying yourself?" Shane asks, thoughtfully, "I know we are." "Hell yeah," adds Lance. Hell yeah, you'll add. Shane wants more practice: "Why don't you sit up there?" So Lance sits on the back of the couch and Shane practices blowing him. "Thanks," says the always polite Lance, before adding, "Help you out now. It's only right." Shane looks down approvingly while Lance sucks him. You'll know that Shane really does approve of Lance's beginner's technique because he soon delivers one of his most explosive cumshots (and you know that's saying a lot!), splattering everywhere over Lance's head. "It's been a while. Sorry," Shane needlessly apologizes. "Dude, it looks like it," says a stunned and soaked Lance, licking his sticky fingers with admiration. When Lance leans back to finish himself off, you'll enjoy his taut torso and his perfectly-shaped, steel hard cock. Shane, still the straight boy who just busted a major nut, seems oblivious to his fiercely stroking buddy, watching his straight porn again. But the camera surveys Lance's tight body from head to toe (yup, still more feet, guys). When Lance pours out his thick creamy goo, even Shane is watching. Lance tastes his goo, but it's mixed with some AstroGlide and not the tastiest. In the brief post-sex interview with Joe Serna, the boys compare past experiences and cumshots. Asked, "What did you think of his cum shot?" Lance doesn't hesitate: "Holy shit!" Shane is still needlessly apologizing: "Sorry about that." Joe points out that it was "pretty cool." Shane admits he had "no control." Lance adds: "I was kind of impressed, really. But kind of intimidated to have to live up to it. My cum shot was kind of ppphhhttt." "But you had a lot on your dick at least," his kindly director reassures him. Shane also offers his reassurance, "Substance, not distance." Which seems to cheer Lance up a bit, because he adds, "quality, not quantity." But Lance has to admit that it was "kinda nasty" to eat, because of the lubrication. He did it for his fans. No doubt they'll keep practicing and Shane will teach Lance how to go about really workin' it up. For his fans. And fans, how about you? You workin' it up?

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Posted on: December 12, 2009






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